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Organizational chaos and lack of strategic focus are often the reasons why many companies do not get the fullest out of their efforts on digital platforms. When I join you, I’m your hand in the back and the project manager, ensuring that you always work with the strategy and creating value but also that you create business and money on the bottom line with your digital communication. Together in a collaboration we focus on everything from generating ideas and optimization of content to data monitoring and strategic development.

When I am your strategic digital advisor, you will receive:

  • Sparring and guidance
  • Strategy meetings every month
  • Optimizing of the organization, your content, advertising and data
  • Technical instructions
  • Ensuring the finish and bottom line

A digital strategy makes the difference whether you are doing business or wasting your time!

Listen to what I have to say

About Digital Strategy

About Customer Targeting

About Organisation

Do you create business or confusion?

In workshops, where all the relevant employees and stakeholders will participate, we will map your digital strategy. The key is to find out how do we create digital communication that reflect the business throughout the organization.

When we together compile the digital strategy, we clarify:

  • Who do we target?
  • How should the communication support our other business strategy?
  • What is the personality of the company and tone of voice?
  • What value will we create for ourselves and the recipient?
  • What content should we work with?
  • Which digital platforms should we be present at?
  • Who should run it internally in the organization.

A digital strategy is only valuable when executed!


Arla Foundation

I have helped Arla Fonden, MADlejr and Din MADdag for many years now. I have been working on developing online communication solutions in collaboration with web agency, photographer, graphic designers and management. My focus is always on making digital options simple, so it is easy for all employees in a small organization to navigate.

Danish Eggs

As a strategic sparring partner, I helped Danske Æg reach their target group with the campaign ‘I Love Eggs‘. The campaign aims to raise awareness of the health properties of eggs. I was on the sideline throughout the whole campaign strategically advising them and guiding them in the use of various tools on social medias.


At Kompagniskabet we helped two educational institutions launching their new common name. We created an event and a subsequent branding campaign that put College360 on the map. Even though the event would run in a short period of time, we chose to work parallel with the communication strategy to ensure a good connection and long-term ambitions. In addition, College360 is following my counseling flow, where we meet once a month to optimize content and ensure execution of the strategy.

About a strategic thinking foodie

I love strategy and strategic thinking! In addition I’m a foodie and have a special interest for food, health and an organic living. I have made it my way of living by combining my interest for food and my strategy skills to help businesses create meaningfull communication both in a digital and offline way.

My main task as a strategic advisor is to help companies communicate their messages and knowledge as simple, understandable and user-friendly as possible.

We will only create results if we cooperate.


I will ask you the good questions that will make your concept even more sharp and accomplished, which will show on the long term.

I love to develop strategies, ideas and concepts in collaboration with businesses and find the best way to communicate their messages. I have done collaborations with Pejgruppen, Grøn Fokus og Landbrug og Fødevarer.

Basic info

Founder and owner
Strategic Digital Advisor

Resident in Silkeborg, Denmark
Born 26th of October 1986

+45 41 11 02 74

Let’s look at your digital strategy

With a strategic approach to digital communication, we create results and good relationships with your customers and business partners.